April 02, 2021

Made For Love Synopses


Made For Love

S1:E1 “User One” – Written by Alissa Nutting & Dean Bakopoulos and Patrick Somerville and Christina Lee; Directed by Stephanie Laing

When Hazel Green’s billionaire tech CEO husband Byron Gogol announces that he will implant a highly invasive mind-syncing chip in her brain, their ten-year marriage finally reaches its breaking point. After narrowly escaping “the Hub,” their futuristic, isolated palace, Hazel flees to the home of her estranged father Herbert. Premieres April 1.

S1:E2 “I Want a Divorce” – Written by Alissa Nutting & Dean Bakopoulos and Patrick Somerville and Christina Lee; Directed by Alethea Jones

Under the same roof for the first time in a decade, Hazel’s shocked to learn of her dad’s new reputation – and struggles to accept his unconventional synthetic partner Diane. As Herbert continues to surprise his daughter with his valiant efforts to help rescue her from Byron, members of the Hub track Hazel down, forcing her to confront her husband directly with a difficult request. Premieres April 1.

S1:E3 “I Want This Thing Out of My Head” – Written by Alissa Nutting & Sarah Solemani; Directed by Alethea Jones

In a flashback to three years ago, Byron and Hazel open the Hub to visitors for the first time in nearly a decade, granting a news magazine exclusive access to the official announcement of “Made for Love.” Meanwhile, in the present, Hazel attempts to stay firm in her resolve to leave Byron, who’s busy doing everything in his power to change her mind. Premieres April 1.

S1:E4 “I Want a New Life” – Written by Kim Steele & Sarah McCarron; Directed by Stephanie Laing

Propelled by her dad to pitch in, Hazel reverts to old money-making schemes and runs into her former best friend Bangles, who inspires her to remember the person she was before Byron. After exhausting the ways to lead Hazel back home of her own volition, Byron reveals the frightening lengths he’s willing to go to get his wife back. Premieres April 8.

S1:E5 “I Want a Lawyer” – Written by Christina Lee; Directed by Stephanie Laing

As Hazel’s prolonged absence distracts him from his work, Byron uses any means necessary to sabotage her attempts to hire a divorce attorney. Meanwhile, Fiffany makes moves to rescue Zelda the dolphin and seeks out a desperate Herringbone for help extracting Hazel’s chip. Later, against caution, Byron makes a decision that will forever impact the future of “Made for Love” – and of his wife. Premieres April 8.

S1:E6 “I Want You to Give a F*** About Me” – Written by Sarah McCarron & Sarah LaBrie; Directed by Stephanie Laing

Just as Herbert calls on Judiff, an old flame, to help Hazel evade her husband’s omniscient gaze, Byron takes himself offline for a journey into the real world. After tensions between them come to a head, Hazel and Herbert find a healing path forward. Premieres April 8.

S1:E7 “I Want to Feel Normal” – Written by Alissa Nutting; Directed by Stephanie Laing

Realizing she and Diane share a surprising connection, Hazel goes out of her way to coordinate a special anniversary dinner for her father and his partner. Things get personal during Herb’s check-in with Judiff, prompting him to share his deepest secret. Byron delivers his first public press conference in years and gains surprising clarity about his marriage. Premieres April 15.

S1:E8 “Let’s Meet” – Written by Alissa Nutting & Patrick Somerville and Christina Lee; Directed by Stephanie Laing

As Hazel meets Byron face-to-face to sign divorce papers, Herbert and Judiff scramble to prevent a potential disaster. Is it really goodbye, or is it a trap? Premieres April 15.