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truTV’s Tirdy Works, set in a small rural town with four paved roads and a booming moose turd business, is a hilarious, off-kilter look at entrepreneurship, parenthood and life told through the eyes of businesswoman Mary Winchenbach and her family in Somerville, Maine. What started with a single turd and a simple concept led to Mary’s moose-poop creations taking America by storm after a local news story went viral. She’s never been traditional, and now the pot-smoking, part-time comic, and mother-of-three has become big sh*t in a small town. At first glance, Mary’s a no-holds-barred, blue-collar risk-taker. But deep down, she cares most about making people happy, providing jobs and helping everyone lighten up. In order to make others’ dreams come true, Mary has to figure out how to increase production, plan for expansion, cope with growing pains and pull the locals of Somerville together. And the clock is ticking with another brutal Maine winter just around the corner.

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