Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump

About Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump

Only 95 independently owned news stations still exist in the United States; KPVM in Pahrump, Nevada, 62 miles west of Las Vegas is one of them. Owned and operated by Vernon Van Winkle, known as “Vern,” and his wife Ronda, a singer/songwriter, KPVM provides a look at what it takes to report the news in a small desert town with a population of over 37,000. SMALL TOWN NEWS: KPVM PAHRUMP features the heart of Pahrump’s news gathering machine including long-time devoted news director, Deanna, who along with co-anchor Eunette, and reporter Missey, produce and deliver the local nightly news with a small crew from and to the community. Missey’s husband, John, joins the team as KPVM’s fun-loving weatherman and up and coming sales associate. With ambitious goals to expand into the Las Vegas market, Vern and his small team take on daunting challenges – a new tower must be erected to provide a stronger broadcast signal, new ideas are needed to generate advertising revenue, and stories must broaden out beyond local interests. And in the months leading up to the 2020 presidential election, KPVM must navigate the red-hot political environment and their own internal political leanings while striving to remain neutral and boost viewership. But in an era of divisive politics, the series reveals a greater respect and camaraderie for those with different opinions than is typically portrayed in the national media. Pahrump and KPVM showcase people across the entire political spectrum and a sense of community, civility, friendship and laughter prevails. With a dose of humor and admiration, SMALL TOWN NEWS: KPVM PAHRUMP focuses its lens on the microcosm of daily operations at KPVM revealing a staff of idiosyncratic, larger-than-life individuals as they endeavor to deliver local news with care and vigor in an ever-shifting media landscape.