Long Live the Bat!
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Long Live the Bat!

TNT Africa celebrates 80 years of the Dark Knight

On Saturday, 21 September, TNT Africa will pay homage to Batman, the greatest superhero of all time, with premium programming and an awe-inspiring emblematic projection, lighting up the tallest building in Africa.


Starting at 6:30pm CAT, TNT Africa will be taking over the façade of The Leonardo building, rising 150m above Sandton’s skyline in the Heart of Africa’s richest Square mile. Batman fans will be immersed in an expansive Batman show where TNT will project ever-shifting blockbuster scenes and iconic visuals from the much-loved Batman movies against the Sandton skyscraper, delivering narrative drama as well as spectacle. The highlight of the event commences at 8:00pm, where generations of fans will get to honour the timeless hero, who has been gracing audiences for over 80 years, as the iconic Bat-Signal lights up the Sandton skyline.


If you aren’t in Johannesburg on Batman Day, you will still get to join the Batman festivities on TNT with special programming for the celebratory Batman month. On the official Batman Day , on Saturday, 21 September, TNT is spoiling you with more than 12 hours of non-stop, blockbuster live-action Batman films, starting with Tim Burton’s movies: Batman and Batman Returns; continuing with the following two sequels: Batman Forever and Batman & Robin directed by Joel Schumacher; and ending with Christopher Nolan’s Trilogy: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.


Whether you know him as the Dark Knight, or the Caped Crusader, TNT Africa is proud to bring you the iconic flight of the Bat on his 80th Anniversary of giving the world pure thrill, suspense and action!



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Saturday, 14 September

18:00 – Batman Forever (1995)

20:00 – Batman & Robin (1997)


Saturday, 21 September “BATMAN DAY”

09:35 – Batman (1989)

11:40 – Batman Returns (1992)

13:45 – Batman Forever (1995)

15:45 – Batman & Robin (1997)

17:45 – Batman Begins (2005)

20:00 – The Dark Knight (2008)

22:30 – The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


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