Cartoon Network’s Creative Lab Comes Full Circle at DISCOP 2019!
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Cartoon Network’s Creative Lab Comes Full Circle at DISCOP 2019!

 WarnerMedia to reveal 2018 winning animated shorts fully produced in Africa

A year after announcing Cartoon Network Africa’s Creative Lab winners, WarnerMedia will reveal the winning shorts at DISCOP Johannesburg 2019, taking place at the Sandton Convention Center from 20 – 22 November.  


The three animated shorts, created by African talents and locally produced in South Africa in collaboration with Mind’s Eye Creative, will be screened on Wednesday, 20 November, following the WarnerMedia Panel discussion from 1pm to 2pm at the DISCOP Main Theatre.


The initiative, which started in June 2018, as a pan-African call for pitch competition, not only had the ambition to find African talents and bring to life local story gems through animation but also unearth talent from a range of backgrounds. Creators, writers, graphic artists and animators all rose to the occasion to take a chance at bringing innovative content aligned with Cartoon Network’s brief to bring humour, craziness, randomness and absurdity, to make African kids laugh out loud.


“In our quest to develop genuine African stories with unique aesthetics and a sense of humour which truly connects with our local viewers, we’re excited that the stories we have received, and ultimately produced, are unique in their genre and style. They truly stand out from what we I’ve seen before and thus, are aligned with our channel positioning. Cartoon Network is all about being unique and surprising. We are equally proud to participate in this project and bring these locally animated content pieces to an audience that is hungry for original, genuine, and catchy stories!” says Ariane Suveg, Programming Director and Head of Kids Content.

Through Cartoon Network Africa’s Creative Lab, which birthed the first 100% African animated content production led by Cartoon Network - not only did it become clear that Africa is bursting with talent, but creatives also delivered very rich and diverse creative projects with engaging characters and unexpected stories.


“We ensured throughout the process to keep and preserve the original idea of each creator. It is key to keep the creator at the center of the whole creative process. This is a challenge when you work with parties sitting in different African countries and in Europe. Still at Cartoon Network, we selected those original ideas for their creative strength and uniqueness. It was, therefore, crucial to preserve it throughout the production journey,” Suveg adds.


In the DISCOP panel discussion, starting at 13h00 on Wednesday, 20 November, WarnerMedia Africa will present how international television channels, such as Cartoon Network, Boomerang, or TNT, work to create a brand experience that feels relevant for a local African audience.  This is in line with WarnerMedia’ s plans to commit to develop African animated content in 2020.


The three winning Cartoon Network Creative Lab winning shorts will premiere on Cartoon Network (DStv 301) on January 11th @17:15 CAT as part of a special stunt gathering innovative, breakthrough animated shorts specially curated for Cartoon Network.




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Recap of the winning projects

  • Garbage Boy and Trash Can (Nigeria/Ridwan Moshood): Meet Garbage Boy, a self-proclaimed superhero who believes he has real superpowers, along with his alien-tech friend, Trash Can, on their mission to protect the City of Dippledome. Happy-go-lucky comic book enthusiast, Garbage Boy, has managed to get himself into a sticky situation with Dr. Sore Eyes once again. Will he be able to use his imaginary powers to save the day?


  • Intergalactic Ice cream (South Africa/Andrew John Phillips): Follow 13-year-old former cool kid, Mak, and his friends, Sally, Milton and Chicken Leg, whose after-school job delivering for an ice cream parlor launches them into the craziest, danger-filled, and dairy-fueled adventures this side of the Milky Way! Their customer? A hungry pie hole. However, Lactavia, the dairy queen of the galaxy, is still on the hunt for Mak, Sally and their wacky crew's ice cream recipe! Will she finally get the recipe?


  • Majitu (Kenya/ Mark Kinuthia): A spell has been cast on Bokari, triggering him to lose his taste - just what lengths will he go to get his taste back? Follow the adventures of phantom hunting heroes Jasiri and Bokari, as they travel a great distance through an Afro-fantasy world with mystical creatures, fighting their way through challenges to defeat Matembo, one of the most absurd phantoms out there. Nearing the horizon however, a bigger battle is lurking! Will they be ready?

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