S1:E1 “Just Another Girl on the MTA” – Written by Joshua Safran; Directed by Karena Evans

The start of a new school year at the Upper East Side’s elite Constance St. Jude’s ushers in the arrival of a newcomer, who soon finds herself thrust into a blinding spotlight. While other students cling to their comfortable, glamorous lives, a mysterious presence threatens to upend the status quo. Premieres July 8.


S1:E2 “She’s Having a Maybe” – Written by April Blair; Directed by Karena Evans

As Zoya cautiously explores a new romantic interest, Max tears down boundaries in pursuing one of his own. At a black-tie affair, Audrey struggles with her mom, Kate works overtime, and Julien vows to fix her mistakes once and for all. Premieres July 15.


S1:E3 “Lies Wide Shut” – Written by Lila Feinberg; Directed by Jennifer Lynch

While the school takes drastic measures to smoke out Gossip Girl’s identity, a blind item threatens to put an end to a Constance couple. Max pushes Julien to explore life outside her comfort zone, prompting both teens to uncover shocking family secrets. Zoya turns to an unlikely ally for help fitting in. Premieres July 22.


S1:E4 “Fire Walks With Z” – Written by Courtney Perdue and Baindu Saidu; Directed by Jennifer Lynch

Zoya’s attempts to avoid her birthday are no match for Luna and Monet’s warpath. While Julien escalates tensions, Nick and Davis put down their arms. Bad news sends Max on a bender, Audrey levels with Aki, and Kate gets an exciting opportunity. Premieres July 29.


S1:E5 “Hope Sinks” – Written by Aaron Fullerton; Directed by Pamela Romanowsky

As Halloween approaches, Zoya and Julien decide to team up. Meanwhile, an incident at a nearby school finds all eyes on Gossip Girl, leading Kate to question her future. Aki intervenes in Max’s personal life, and Audrey panics over her own. Zoya’s new friend has Obie worried. Premieres August 5.


S1:E6 “Parentsite” – Written by Ashley Wigfield; Directed by Pamela Romanowsky

When Obie’s mother comes to town, Zoya begins to question his nature – and nurture. Julien’s decision to take her brand to the next level leads her down a path of self-discovery. Kate’s personal and professional lives collide at full force. Aki and Max come together to support Audrey. Premieres August 12.

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